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Learning How To Bend

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Their marriage is about to fall apart, but not if she can help it and he's willing to bend.

Abby Donovan imagined nothing could change her simple life as a librarian. Her loving husband Seth, a mechanic in the Air National Guard, is scheduled to return from a short deployment in Iraq. Before he gets home, a letter arrives. It seems Seth is asking for a divorce. She must decide whether to walk away without a fight or to wait and confront him with the thing he's always dreamed of - a ménage a trois. But all is not as it seems. 

Seth Donovan wanted an idyllic life to go along with his career in the military. Then he sees the atrocities of war firsthand. A conversation with a colleague ends up as fodder for the rumour mill and so much more. Seth never wanted a divorce. He wants his wife. Will she accept him despite the rumours and advances from another man?  Or can their relationship withstand the turmoil of war?

Contains Light Bondage and a Smoking Hot Ménage a Trois!

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"Who was she? I never heard a name. Was she that important that she had to ruin what we had? The life we built? As much as I wanted to walk away clean, I need answers."

      Seth struggled to pay attention to her words instead of how her body made him feel, but it was tantamount to impossible. If he stepped forward, he could wrap his arms around her rounded body and maybe even kiss away his mistakes. Or, she just might backhand him to teach him a lesson. Damn, he just wanted to touch her. He wondered if she'd back away if he made the first move.

     "I didn't write this."

     She snorted. "Bullshit."

     "That's not my signature."

     "You scribble your name. How can you tell the difference?"

     Seth forced his sour stomach to calm. "Four weeks ago, a bomb ripped through the mess hall. Three of my friends, including Sturgis and Levoy were killed. Kelly O'Neill, among others, acted like it was nothing. I can't forget the sounds and the smells. The screams. The devastation. I did the routine maintenance on the Herc and went about my business, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw the mess hall explode. Because of her stint on the gunship, I asked Kelly how she dealt with death." Seth tried to catch Abby up in an embrace. "She told me to make love - to you."



"...Simply wonderful...very hot and steamy but it shows that the reality may not be as good as the fantasy..." ~ Bad Barb's Reviews

"Learning How to Bend delivers plenty of heat with heart. This is one you'll want to read." Brynna from You Gotta Read Reviews


"Ms. Zwaduk has a smooth writing style. The words flow together and create vivid imagery and interesting characters. Learning How To Bend had all the components for a spicy erotic tale. Lust, betrayal, remorse, forgiveness. I enjoyed the story and I thought the technical points—the dialog, descriptions and such, were flawless. I felt the characters' pain and confusion and also the longing for both what they’d lost and what they could still have if either would 'learn how to bend'. Great title by the way, Ms. Zwaduk." 15.5 of 20 from Seriously Reviewed


"When faced with soon-to-be-ex-husband Seth at her door Abby decides to up the ante and sleep with not only Seth but his best friend Nate.

The main characters were both amazing, and I loved the fact that both of them were able to get past their own perceptions and see the truth in regard to one another. Seth had allowed his own insecurities to wreak havoc in his mind and his marriage. They even led him to question their relationship. The good thing was that even if his mind was confused, his heart knew exactly where it belonged. In Abby’s case she had built a barrier in her heart because her marriage had run its course -- according to her husband. At least that is what she thought until he showed up at the door with every intention on proving to his wife that he had a moment of weakness but was willing to do what it took to prove to her he wanted their marriage for the long haul - even if that meant a ménage with Nate. Both could have easily turned their backs on each other. It shows real character that they didn’t.

The antagonistic conflict worked because it helped feed on Seth and Abby’s already existing insecurities. Kenny was able to find out what could destroy them and preyed on it perfectly. Luckily for our hero and heroine, their love was everlasting even when faced with the seemingly impossible situations.

We know that the media always tries to put a face with the soldiers; so does this story. This is something that is commendable. Anyone who reads this story can feel the passion from the author. Seth suffered the unimaginable while fighting in Iraq just like many of our real life soldiers. Part of what he saw leads to his questioning his marriage. This is a fictional character and I am not sure if the author based this story on a real person, but if so I would not be surprised. That is how real she has made Seth.

This story definitely had its share of hot sweaty sex, but what really made me fall in love with it was the relationship development and the emotions behind both of the characters. So if your heart strings need a little plucking this will be an excellent choice." -
Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews - Rated 5 cherries!


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