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Together Again

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Sometimes the second time around is the right time for things to click.

Corey Murphy never intended to let his wife, Katie, become his ex-wife. But for the Murphys, convention and commitment are foreign concepts. Once he lost Katie, he decided to get his life in order. Now he's healthy, happy with his job teaching physical education and ready to get his relationship back on track. He's got to hope Katie's still willing to give them a chance.

Katie Murphy loved being married. She loved the companionship, the connection...and the hot nights. Being with Corey surpassed even her wildest fantasies. But her ex-husband wasn't big on commitment. She knows he's got ghosts in his past, but is she willing to help him look to the future--their future?

Sometimes the second time around is the right time for things to click.





     Once she reached the quiet solace of the bleachers, she plopped onto the first bench. She stared at the banners decorating the rafters in the massive room. Each chunk of red fabric boasted yet another glory from VCH’s past. One of the baseball pennants caught her eye—the one commemorating Corey’s first year as the head baseball coach. They’d gone to state that year. He worried so much until the final game. She chuckled. If he’d have worried about her half as much as he did the team, they’d probably still be married.

     They were still friends and he did know her better than anyone. She stood and headed to his office. The sooner they talked, the faster they’d be able to move on.

     Her stomach churned. The thought of Corey being with someone else stung her pride. She liked having the title of Mrs. Corey Murphy. The students liked him and the team flourished under his tutelage. The other faculty members enjoyed his sense of humor, too. Some of her student teachers mentioned taking the advanced physical education class because of Corey. Not that she blamed them—the man was hot.

     For being thirty-seven, he still looked no more than twenty-eight. His time spent in the gym lifting weights definitely showed. He should’ve been able to find another woman. Her skin warmed at the thought of his arms around her. She could almost hear his gravelly voice as he spoke in her ear, telling her all of the decadent things he wanted to do with her. Only Corey knew about her desire to be spanked. He’d been the one person she played with and bared her soul to. She missed his hand on her ass and the way he pulled her hair during sex. Hell, she missed making love to the man in her heart.

     She stopped just outside his doorway. She knew part of his reason for staying in the same place. He lacked self-confidence when on his own. He claimed he couldn’t commit. She knew better. There were no affairs during their marriage or prior relationship and he claimed he’d never stopped loving her. So why not stay together? She snorted. The gibberish his father spouted about men being unable to commit—that’s what screwed Corey up.

     They’d also ended the relationship too fast. There were too many things left unsaid and too much unfinished. Once they sorted out their collective past, they could find a decent future.

     Hopefully they’d find that future together. 


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