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Until The Night

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Having a mate can be a pain. Having three... now that's just unheard of...

Gypsy volunteered to become a vampire, but she had no idea just what she’d agreed to do. As a human, she’d had her pick of willing males to warm her bed. As a creature of the night, she’s striking out. Until she meets Kendall.

He knows what she is and doesn’t care. He’s loved her since he met her, but he had no idea just how complicated her life truly was. Her protectors refuse to leave her side. But what if he wants them on his side, too?

Allan and Todd are mates, plain and simple. Gypsy is in their charge. Period. Until they start to see her not as a problem, but a sexy solution complete with an adorable human thrown in for fun.

Can they come together as a foursome or will they destroy everything they’ve built in the name of passion?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mm sex, anal play, ménages of the mmf, mfm, and mmfm persuasions, as well as lots of biting and spanking. They’re having one hell of a party.




“Where’s Allan?”

Stephen nodded. “Took a break. It’s been a pisser tonight and Goodwin’s on a rant.” He finished pouring the instant margarita into a salted glass. “But I’d appreciate it if you told him I need the help. I hate dollar ‘rita nights. Damned lushes.”

Gypsy groaned. Their boss Trevor Goodwin lived to cause trouble. “I’ll see if I can find him.” Truth be told, she wanted to get the hell out of the club, too.

Compared to the roar in the main room, the kitchen was deathly silent. She waved to the lone cook, Billy, as she strolled through the kitchen. “Allan?”

“Back door,” Billy replied and dropped another batch of fried food into the crackling oil.

As she reached the back of the club, muffled sounds from the break room snagged her attention. What the hell? Not another pair of club kids fucking off the effects of E. Damn it. College kids always managed to find the one unlocked door.

She twisted the knob, but it didn’t give way. No dice. Great. She jerked the knob a little harder. This time the door snicked open. Score. She drew in a long breath, ready to scream at whoever was on the other side…and maybe get a quick blood fix.

Buttery yellow light shone through the slit in the doorway. The sounds grew louder. She giggled quietly and gave up on the thought of yelling at the participants. Whoever the guy was, he was groaning a lot. Gypsy hesitated. If it was her having sex, she wouldn’t want to be interrupted.

“Fuck, babe. Right there.”

Gypsy’s eyes widened. She knew that voice.


Her heart pounded. She liked Allan and not just in the usual platonic fashion. He’s mine and Todd’s. Whoever was fucking with Allan had to answer to her. Fuck it. She shoved the door open.

“Get off my…”Her breath clogged in her throat.

Instead of some nameless female lying beneath Allan, Allan was kneeling on the couch with Todd behind him. Her jaw dropped. Allan arched his back and gripped the back of the couch with white-knuckled hands. Todd grasped Allan’s hips, thumping against Allan’s ass. Neither man had noticed her presence. Allan trembled and panted. Todd swatted Allan’s butt in time with each push into his lover’s body.

“You like that?”

Yes,”Allan panted. “More.”

Gypsy leaned on the doorframe. She’d never seen something so sexy in her entire life…or undead life. The men moved in perfect time, totally caught up in their attraction for each other. She smoothed one hand up her belly to the bottom of her breast. Cream coated her thong and she pressed her thighs together. She pinched her nipple through the satin of her bodice. A cry erupted in her throat but she kept her mouth closed. No way she’d interrupt them now. She slipped one hand into her skirt and massaged her fingers between her pussy lips. Damn, it felt good.

“God damn. Bite me.” Allan yanked Todd’s arm, pulling him down onto him. “Do it.”

Todd bared his fangs and growled. The sound shimmered up and down Gypsy’s spine. He sank his teeth into the soft spot between Allan’s neck and shoulder.

“Oh, wow,”Gypsy groaned, then caught herself. Triple shit. They weren’t supposed to have heard her getting off on watching them. But, hell—the bloodlust reared its ugly head. She needed to feed.

Both men turned to look at her. The colour drained from Allan’s face. Todd loosened his grip on Allan’s shoulder and moved his hands in front of Allan’s cock. “We didn’t know you were here.”




"When Ms. Zwaduk ventures into the bedrooms, the action heats up, and there are some delightful combinations of two, three and eventually all four get in on the action. There is danger in the person of Tania, who was Allan’s maker, and how these four deal with the threat shows their dedication to each other, and their desire to build a life, or rather, an undead life together. I think the exchange between Todd and Allan says it best, when Todd says ’Gypsy is our girl, and I can’t live without you.’ And Todd replies ‘I can’t be dead without you.’ I just love that exchange, and it shows the slightly warped sense of humor that Wendi Zwaduk sneaks into her books. This is the perfect novella to heat up an evening, when time is short and you need a hot and quick bit of vampire love." ~ Reviewed by Foxglove, Long and Short Erotic Reviews
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