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You'll Think of Me

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The man of her dreams finally came home from the war, but is he still the man she remembers or have his demons changed him forever?

  Melanie Roberts has loved her best friend more than she could ever imagine, and for longer than she wants to admit. Though once lovers, she's resigned herself to being no more than his best friend and roommate. On the eve of his return from deployment in Iraq, in order to keep her heart from breaking, she's moving on -- after one last sexy night.

Cade Nicholson has come to a decision. As he comes home damaged in both body and soul from his latest deployment, all he wants is to find comfort in Melanie's arms. Unsure, and unsteady in expressing his love to the only woman to hold his heart, he has to find a way to convince her of his true feelings.

Can two best friends overcome their demons to prove their love for one another before past decisions come back to haunt them and it’s too late?




Twisting from the collective embrace, she eyeballed each man. Rhett could stop traffic with his rugged boy-next-door good looks, well-placed tattoos, and electric blue eyes. None of that mattered. Cade commanded her full attention. His six-foot frame towered over her, though she never felt threatened. From his spiky black hair to his toned legs, he was her hero. If he only knew how wet she was with nothing more than a hug and husky words grazing her ear.

Melanie stood on her tippy-toes. She slid her hands along Cade’s body to cup the back of his head, partially to hug him, but more to make sure her Airman was real. Three months back, the national television news reported brutal attacks, including the bombing which took their good friend Dell’s life.

After seeing the frontline footage, Melanie wondered how anyone made it through the incident without major injury.  She thanked God each day no one came to her door to tell her if Cade or Rhett were hurt. Although Cade stopped writing over three months ago, Rhett’s letters kept her up to date on the extent of Cade’s injuries and the progress of his recovery from the second bombing. Still, seeing Cade in the flesh reassured her more than all Rhett’s written words offered.

Melanie cocked her head and considered him a moment. The jovial light, which normally sparkled in his eyes, seemed dim. Maybe he was just tired and needed a long rest.  

His arms laced tight around her body, sending another hot rush along her nerve endings. Tears pricked her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she should smother him with kisses, belt him on the arm, or a combination of both. Why not tell him how she felt? She licked her lips and swallowed hard to buy a moment to think. “You asked if I was your girl. I doubt I’m enough to satisfy you.”

Cade shifted. His expression was stark. She chewed her bottom lip for a moment. She couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem, but something about Cade wasn’t right. He seemed stiff and despondent as he stared at the ground. Did he see something in Afghanistan he couldn’t shake? Or someone? She shoved the thought aside. He lived for the ménages with Rhett. “Cade, am I your only girl for this furlough?”

Although a sly grin curled the corner of his mouth, his gaze slid to the bank of windows to the left. “I could be convinced.”


Tender tale, blended using the trauma of a military man coming home to try to have a normal life and a woman who is ready to be strong for him when he needs it, You’ll Think Of Me is written with a harmonious mix of passion and love that is as achingly beautiful as the song it was named after. Cade encapsulates the many feelings a veteran has to deal with when trying to cope with life at home after the trauma of war, while Melanie is the kind of woman any soldier would love to come home to. Although parts of the story were somewhat repetitive and could have been tightened up, for the most part it was elegantly told and well rounded. An excellent story and I will look forward to more from this author’s creative pen.   Virginia  ~ Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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